Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Obsession With Orange Blush

I have a thing for orange blush on women of color. It's a fetish that is hard to maintain. it might seem really scary at first when you open the container and you see this bright crayola orange. I get it. I was nervous too, but the thing is, it adds a glow! It makes you look like you just came from the beach and gives the face an instant lift and life to the skin. I love to use NYX blush in 'cinnamon'. It's just a matte orange, no shimmer, and I just lightly work it in the skin. It is GORG! I sometimes even mix it with a blue based hot pink blusher, and it makes this beautiful tropical sunset color. Women who have olive to dark skin, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF BRONZED SKIN! It looks unbelievable. Try it and tell me what you think =)

Here is a list of orange blushes you can try...

1) NYX powder blush - cinnamon

2) NARS - Taj Mahal

3) Avon blush - Coral Radiance

Glitter and Smiles,

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