Friday, April 8, 2011

Get The Face

Hey guys! I did a photo shoot with the FABULOUS Brooke Odom and Bralyn Stokes a few weeks ago. A lot of times the shoots I do are more so editorial, and not very wearable, but this time the looks was one that you could wear out. It was inspired by Brooke's hair, and how big and pretty it is. I wanted to see her in bronze tones, with a 'jungle' feel to it. It turned out really pretty and I want to share with you guys how I achieved it so that you could bring out your inner 'Jungle Girl' ! The products that I used are in sky blue...I love that color. Just sayin =)

1) The first step is to ALWAYS moisturize the skin. It needs to feel healthy. Even if you have the oilest skin, moisturize with an
oil free moisturizer.

2) I like to start with the eyes, so if there is any fall out i can fix it without having to worry about messing up the foundation. I used a bronzer on her lid to just above her crease to add depth and shape.

Next, I applied Maybelline eyeshadow in Creme de la Coco on top of her lid. This is a really pretty caramel brown, so it meshed well with the "framing color" we used with the bronzer. I then applied Maybelline eyeshadow in Nutmeg in her socket, or crease, to really add some more depth. Layering is key with this look. The more that you layer, the more definition you will get on your lids. This trick is really good for ones who have more of a flatter lid. Then I applied Mac eyeshadow in Brown Script right above her crease. This color is an indian clay reddish brown. It's so pretty and adds and extra oomph to the look.

4) The next thing to I did was applied an light golden highlight to her brow bone. I never really like bringing the highlight color all the way to the beginning of the brow. I concentrate it more from the crease to the end of the brow. It looks more natural and gives a higher lift since that is where the lift usually starts, from the crease and till the end.

5) The final step for the eyes is to apply a loose green pigment from MAC right under the lower lash line. I wet the brush when I did this so the color would be more intense and easier to control.

6) Then just apply your black liquid liner to the upper lash line, I use Maybelline Ultra Liner in Black, and your mascara. Lastly, I put a dark brown pencil in her waterline.

7) I contoured the face Covergirl Queen compact foundation and highlighted with MAC Studio Finish concealer. I do makeup based on light, which is a little different. I put the makeup in the places that is most attractive with the theory of light. I'll do a post about this later.

8) I used Avon Ideal Shade foundation to blend in all the contouring and highlighting with the Sephora Airbrush brush.

9) I applied MAC loose powder in Deep Peach all over with a powder puff and applied bronzer and highlight.

10) The lips was simply a deeper concealer and clear gloss on top. The brows were filled in with with a black and brown eyeshadow....very little black.

PHEW! So that's how I achieved this look. Try it out for yourself, and tell me what you think! You guys are BEAUTIFUL! Love you for stopping by!

Glitter and Smiles,

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