Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's Begin!

Okay, so this is the beginning. I'm so excited to open this up for you to step into my world of makeup! I love it so much! My theory is that makeup is a key to unveil your beauty. We as women go go go. We wake up, hurry and throw on some clothes that smell somewhat like the detergent that we washed it with at the beginning of the week, and either go to work, school, stay at home, or whatever it is that demands our time. When this happens, we can forget the true beauty we have. We throw on our chapstick and we're out the door. Makeup is the key that helps us see how BEAUTIFUL our natural features are. When you apply mascara you see how long your lashes are or how about when you apply a blush to the apples of your cheeks and see what great cheekbones you have!

When I was little I used to sit on the toilet in the bathroom and watch my oldest sister get ready for her dates. she had these gorgeous big deep brown eyes, and she would apply Covergirl eyeshadow in 'Golden Sunrise' to her lids and lower lashline and instantly, her eyes popped even more than they already had! Maybelline black liquid liner was applied closely to her upper lashline. I saw how when she put on her makeup, her features would pop. I was captivated. She must have been able to tell, because she would look at me, and apply a little bit of lip gloss, and I felt like royalty. Like we were two princesses getting ready for a ball.

from then on, i started to play in all the makeup she would give me, and i soon began my journey with playing in the same products that my sister used, with the minor difference of some smacker lip glosses thrown in the mix.

I love makeup. I love the magical feel that it has. how it can instantly reveal the beauty that EVERY woman has, but is to busy to realize. We have the power to be our best self. This blog is going to filled with tricks and tips, pictures, and just simply a place to go to enter the magical world of Meghan B. Artistry.


Glitter and Smiles,

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